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Sleep to Live – The mattress scientifically recommended for smarter sleep.

Visit our Cranberry Mattress Matters store to discover for yourself the Sleep to Livemattress collection by Kingstown! You can feel the difference an ideal sleep experience makes when you wake up each morning. It simply provides the rest—and restoration—needed to feel energized and at your best.

Each Sleep to Live mattress sleep set is handcrafted to provide scientifically recommended postural support through precise combinations of wrapped innerspring coils and luxury foams, so you can enjoy lasting, healthy sleep.


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Ideal Pressure Relief and Sleep Temperature

Each Sleep to Live Mattress at Mattress Matters features a  lumbar support band that is designed to deliver powerful lumbar support in the center of the mattress, that is combined with the pressure relief of latex or deep conformance of gel-infused memory foam.

Stay cool with your mattress! Kingsdown’s cushioning gel fiber and climatouch fiber near the surface of the mattress provide enhanced cooling properties and help maintain an ideal sleep temperature throughout the night.

Lie on a Kingstown Sleep to Live Mattress in Cranberry today!

The Choice is Yours! Gel-infused Memory Foam or Luxurious Latex Foam with Advanced Technology

Memory Foam: Experience body conforming support with cooling gel beads that absorb body heat plus enhanced breathability from the  proprietary airflow channels of each Sleep to Live mattress.

Latex Foam: Resilient latex foam delivers exceptional pressure-relief for deeper sleep. The infusion of graphite enhances durability and the infusion of gel adds cooling properties, creating an ideal sleep environment.

Try each Sleep to Live mattress style today at the Cranberry Mattress Matters store.


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